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At you can see pictures of what styles and color schemes that I do. You can also get info on each style plug's action, size, weight,etc. All are handmade wood custom lures that can be used surf fishing or by boat fisherman for striped bass, bluefish, weakfish or any other predatory fish including freshwater fish like musky, pikie or largemouth bass.

All my lures are handmade using the best quality components.

All are through wired and rigged with stainless steel KROK swivels and VMC 4x hooks.

All wood blanks are first heated up and submerged in thinned down epoxy before I paint them. This makes the wood incredibly hard and durable. This process keeps water out so you wont have to worry about a plug losing its action or wood splitting or cracking. After painting all my lures are covered with an extremely tough durable topcoat.

Each style of fishing lure available has been thoroughly tested and proven to be a great fish catcher. Striped bass love them and since they are sealed in epoxy, they hold up great to bluefish too.

I've been a fisherman as long as I can remember and surf casting has always been the biggest part of it. So I'm a fisherman first, so trust that these plugs wouldn't be made if I didn't have faith in them myself. I try to keep them cheap as possible while using the best possible components for fellow fisherman because believe me I know the pain of losing a $40 or $50 dollar plug or even worse a monster striped bass!

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Have a great season and tight lines, Billy